New painting!

New painting!

Finished this painting last week. The process? When I was roaming the web I found a picture of some Barragan architecture that I liked. (Barragan was an mexican painter who loved colors and clean spaces) .I traced the lines on see-through paper right of my ipad.

Then I took the sketch and changed it a little were I felt it had to be changed. I wanted the painting to have perspective, but still be very simple and abstract. I experienced with different color-combinations. At first the two light areas were only one, but I added the color-difference to emphasize the depth. Though a bit difficult to see in the photo; the lower of the two light fields have some blue in it as a contrast to the ocher. The other light field has some very, very pale green in it.

I discovered, showing it to different people that they interpret the depth differently. For me; It's concrete architecture in a big corn field, and I stand on the light blue part, looking out into the black. Others have said it looks like a kitchen, with a kitchen bench and they look out of a window into the white. For you it's probably something different, or nothing at all...

So what is it really? It's really is just lines.