Like a blogging-virgin...

Like a blogging-virgin...


This is scary, new and uncomfortable. I'm about to give away my blogging-virginity. And I have to ask (like most virgins probably do right before they are about to "press enter"): why? Why am I doing this? And why the funk am I writing in English when my written English was significantly better in 9th grade? And as my friend asked: "Are you going to blog? Like about mascara and stuff?" No. This will be the first and last mention of mascara ever.

But here's why I decided to give blogging a try: 

I feel like the only architect in the world who is tired of bullshit when it comes to architecture, design and art.

I graduated a year ago from Aarhus school of Architecture. The first thing I learned attending there was that it was absolutely, and I repeat: ABSOLUTELY illegal to say something was "pretty" or "nice". They would throw you in jail. Or at least look at you with disgust like you were some kind of lower life form. 

Fine, I can agree that for someone who does this for a living it's more important and interesting to ask WHY it's pretty/boring/provocative. And I do that when I work. But most people (luckily) are not architects or painters. Are they allowed to say that something is "pretty"? I often feel like they don't say anything at all. Either you know a great deal about art and architecture, and you like to point that out every time you have the chance, or you completely shut up. I like to call some of those know-it-all people bullshitters.

A bullshitter is someone who, to my utter annoyance when I was at school, make sure they're completely impossible to understand. They make a point out of sounding clever, but phrase everything as riddles or strings of big words that make no sense. As an example; my "favorite" bullshit-quote from architecture school was when a teacher described a students project and said it had a "void of emptiness". If someone can describe to me what it means, please do. The student just smiled, didn't know what to do, and probably described his project in the same manner to everyone else. The confusion spread, but as with the famous invisible clothes, no one seemed to dare question it.

But here is where my blog steps in. I don't know as many big words or as much about architecture history as one would expect from someone who studied it for 5 years. I seem to forget when the Baroque period ended. I mix up dates and names. My art history knowledge is almost non-existent, I  remember the ones I like or absolutely dislike, but not when and where they lived. But I don't care. I still love to paint. 

I would like to learn more, learning is good. It's the bullshitting and believing that superiority comes with knowledge that's annoying me. In some cases having background information can enhance the experience. But one should be allowed also to NOT know. I'm ok with feeling over knowing in this field. Should I then have a blog about paintings and architecture? Yes. That's exactly why I should. There will be no bullshit or voids of emptiness.

There will be however, post mainly about how I make my paintings, but also about galleries I visit, buildings I find interesting, things that inspire me and so on. I hope you will enjoy it!

The painting is a Mondrian, one of my favorite painters.

Oh, and the English part? I go for world domination. BOWAHAHAHAA!